Better Developer UX?

What features make the casperlabs blockchain more developer-friendly?

There are several features that make the CasperLabs blockchain developer friendly. I will list a few here:

  1. Contract execution based on wasm let’s developers use Rust and Assemblyscript, rather than having to learn a new language to get started.
  2. A contracts SDK that is CI/CD ready, with a runtime and test harness built in. Developers need a solid way to build and test contracts, and the SDK plugs right into the Rust ecosystem, enabling the use of IDEs like CLion.
  3. Turing complete payment code - that can be passed in a single transaction call. Rather than doing a string of transactions for custom payments, this is all handled in a single request.
  4. Permissioned references - it’s possible to store contracts at an immutable address or at a permissioned reference - giving contract authors control over what contracts can call their contracts.
  5. GraphQL interface & queries at the CLI - this enables developers to get real time insights into their on chain data structures and events.
  6. Upgrading contracts - pick your fork. Contracts will have a ‘supported protocol version’ that can be set. In the event of a protocol upgrade, the contract can set a kill switch. Duplication of contracts in forks is a big problem for business.
  7. flexible accounts with weighted keys - Delegate accounts to one another, grant weights for deployments, key management. This enables central management and control over contracts and accounts