Contact with team member

Hi Guys,

I am so very sad right now. I won lottery and got instant access in round 2 on casper token sale. When i logged onto coinlist website it gave me a 404 error. I am so unconsoleable that i could not complete my purchase.

I have opened a support ticket with coinlist but have had no response yet.

The below image was taken after multiple site access attempts. :pensive:

The dame for me i was on the line to buy token with option 3 of casper Labs but everything crach, can you help us ?
I waited 3 hours

Hi JPdaws and Deilon-56, thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. I am sorry you had issues with purchasing tokens during the sale.

We did not hear any other reports of a 404 error, but obviously we had a lot of participants in the sale, which caused unprecedented load on Coinlist’s servers.