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Node 0.1 Release Notes

Release Notes:

  • The node does not persist the state upon restart. If the node is part of a network, and restarts, this could lead to the node ‘forking’ off the DAG
  • Block merging is naive, and may lead to different post states even when deployments are run in the same order.
  • All deploys must be made from the same account “–from 00000000000000000000”
  • Fault tolerance calculation is naive and may yield different results
  • Block validation is naive
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Hey Medha,

I successfully deployed the network and see that nodes are running. I could also deploy a contract and see that the block is created. Also saw the image on Grafana. (

Is there a way to trigger the contract and say pass on a parameter etc? I could not locate any instruction to that effect on git.


When you submit a deploy, the code that is in it is run, regardless of what it is. It could be storing a contract (which it sounds like you were doing) or it could be calling an existing contract. If you look at the contract examples repo you will see that all of them have a define folder and a call folder. define is where the contract logic is defined and it is stored on the DAG. call uses the existing contract, passing parameters to it as needed.

Mechanically, this means that you following the same deploy/propose step you did to store a contract, but with code that calls the contract instead (i.e. a different wasm file).