Megathread: General Questions

Hello Casper community!

We’re eager to get to know each and every one of you, and answer as many of your questions as we can. We have various categories for discussions on the forums here, but if you’re not sure where to post or don’t want to create a whole new topic for your question, feel free to post it in this thread!

You can ask things you have always wanted to know here. This thread is not an A.M.A. and we will not discuss project/milestone estimates here.

Examples of questions you could ask (these have been answered previously):

  • What is CasperLabs’ approach to upgrades?
  • What is the difference between CasperLabs and ETH 2.0?

Our hope is that these threads will be helpful for the community and create an educational, engaged, and supportive community.

We look forward to your questions!

DISCLAIMER: It may take some time before we can provide an answer to some questions. Thank you for your patience.